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We carry custom blinds from a number of the industry’s leading manufacturers, making finding the right solution for your interior design, personal style, and budget easy! Our custom blinds come in every imaginable color, texture and material for every room in your home. Designed to be durable and close tightly, you’ll find blinds offer the light control and privacy you need. 

Custom Features for Blinds

Horizontal blinds can block out most of the light and UV rays when they are closed. They are designed to fit tightly and allow less light to seep in. You can also choose blinds with no cord holes to help reduce light leakage. When your blinds are open, you have the advantage of controlling how much light you desire. We have blinds that tilt and open to allow privacy, natural lighting and a look at your view. Stacked slats are also available to give you twice the view-through as traditional 2” blinds. Horizontal and vertical blinds are designed to meet the demands of the 21st century. Now you can program your blinds to operate with motorized lifts and tilts so you can do more important things.

Premium Wood Blinds

Real wood blinds provide your home with a genuine warm feeling. Our wood blinds can be painted to match existing woodwork or wood shutters in your home. The real wood blinds give you the grain and appearance that you only get with genuine hardwood. They are great in homes or offices where heat and humidity exposure is mild.

Faux Wood Blinds

Faux wood blinds and composite blinds are sturdier and can withstand the heat and humidity better than wood. They come in a variety of wood stains or neutral colors and can resemble real wood blinds with grain texture. They are perfect for areas of the home or offices that have a lot of traffic or experience more heat and humidity. They are also easier to clean and care for.

Horizontal Sheer Blinds

Made completely out of fabric with a sheer layer of extra fabric attached, these sheer blinds give your home an elegant appearance. They are designed to diffuse light but look like traditional blinds when closed completely. They are the perfect answer for people who like the way blinds operate but prefer a softer look on their windows.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds come in many different styles and colors. You can choose vertical blinds to cover large windows and sliding glass doors to match your horizontal blinds in the same room. Like horizontal blinds, vertical blinds come in a variety of slat sizes to provide you with more options for enjoying your view. The design possibilities are limitless with vertical blinds.

Metal Blinds

Popular once again are metal or aluminum blinds. We have a variety of metal blinds in every imaginable color and style. Designed to be dent resistant and flexible, they are easy to care for, and make an excellent choice for modern decors.

Custom Blinds in Jacksonville Florida

When choosing custom blinds in the Jacksonville, FL area, our professional team can help you create beautiful window treatments. We are your premier source for horizontal blinds, vertical blinds and other custom window treatments. We can help you with professional measuring and installation too. With custom blinds you don’t have to worry about finding blinds to fit your windows or making sure they match your décor. We bring our showroom to you to ensure you get the exact window treatment you need. Call Cover Up Blinds at (904) 201-9011 to schedule a free in-home or office consultation.

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